HHIB05771U HIS 77. Global history

Volume 2024/2025

Globalhistorie og forskningsområde (HHIB00771E)
[Bacheloruddannelsen i historie, 2022-ordningen]


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HIS 77. Global history
Global history has long held an important place in historical research. Global history goes beyond borders and cultivates one of the things that the discipline of history does best. It aims to identify profound developments in both time and space. Therefore, it transcends established chronologies and challenges our familiar geographical units. Global history compares cultures and societies and follows connections across continents. It asks questions such as: Why did Europe industrialize first? In which ways have colonialism and imperialism formed the world of today? And, how have global epidemic diseases shaped societal development for millennia? The course introduces the main methodological approaches in global history and focuses on a number of the field's key issues. For the exam, we expect the student to be able to characterize, compare and discuss key issues within the field of global history based on the syllabus.

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Portfolio requirements: The exam is a written assignment of a total of 8-10 pages, which is part of an overall portfolio exam for the course module. The Global history element in the Portfolio consists of two assignments of 4-5 pages during the semester. The first assignment is handed in halfway through the course, while the second is handed in at the end of the course. The first part can be resubmitted in revised form at the end of the course.
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Intern prøve ved to eksaminatorer. I den samlede bedømmelse vægtes de dele af portfolien, der vedrører Globalhistorie, 60 % og de dele, der vedrører forskningsområdet, 40 %.
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