NSCPHD1101 International PhD course on High-resolution seismic imaging- Data acquisition, processing and interpretation

Volume 2016/2017


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Monday: Background on seismic wave propagation and acquisition of 3-component land seismics.

Tuesday: Data acquisition at field locality, southern Sjælland.

Wednesday: Lecture on initial seismic data processing; group work on data processing.

Thursday: Lecture on more specialized processing techniques; group work on data processing; student poster presentations and social event.

Friday: Presentation of obtained results by the groups; discussion of results; course evaluation.


Literature: Hardage et al., 2011, Multicomponent Seismic Technology, SEG, Geophysical Reference Series (textbook) supplemented by scientific papers sent to course participants before start of course.


Practical information: Bring warm clothes for the field work (it may get chilly at night); a coach service between University of Copenhagen and the field site is available for course participants.

  • Category
  • Hours
  • Class Instruction
  • 40
  • Field Work
  • 24
  • Preparation
  • 35
  • Project work
  • 25
  • Total
  • 124
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