HTÆK0338SU  Cultural Production and Urban Space

Volume 2018/2019

Programme curriculum forthe Bachelor’s elective study in Global Urban Studies, 2019 curriculum

Programme curriculum forthe Master’s elective study in Global Urban Studies, 2019 curriculum

Bacehelor’s and Master’s students from any discipline with an interest in cities, culture and society are encouraged to apply. The course is open to Danish as well as to international students..


This summer school puts cultural production and event-making in urban space under the analytical scrutiny of critical urban theory. The aim of the summer school is to enable students to examine and assess the role of the cultural industry, broadly speaking, within existing political paradigms of urban development such as “creative cities”, “liveability” and “the experience economy” of cities.

By means of theoretical perspectives and urban ethnographic methods, students will learn to analyse the symbolic, emotional and socioeconomic dimensions of cultural production in urban space through fieldwork and workshops organised in collaboration with our partners, including the music festival Strøm

The summer school thus provides students with an opportunity to engage critically with experienced cultural producers operating in urban space and learn about the different problems, potentials and considerations connected to urban cultural production.

The summer school is centered on a case-based learning approach and through workshops, lectures and field trips the students will immerse in theoretical perspectives as well as public debate, learn from practitioners, and gain experience in analysing urban cultural production through case studies and fieldwork.

We also offer another summer school, Urban Culture in Theory and Action, but since they are taking place simultaneously, it will unfortunately not be possible to attend both summer schools.

Learning Outcome

BA Elective in Global Urban Studies (Bacherlor tilvalget i Globale Bystudier, 2019-ordningen):

Specialized Urban Topic B (aktivitetskode HTÆB10251E)

MA Elective in Global Urban Studies (Kandidattilvalget i Globale Bystudier, 2019-ordningen):

Specialized Urban Topic B (aktivitetskode HTÆK13031E)

A text corpus will be specified for accepted students by May. It is expected that students read all the required text material before the summer school.

Good English skills required.
The program consists of lectures and talks by scholars of standing, group work and tutorials, workshops, field trips and fieldwork assignments, some of which is organized by external partners, including Strøm music festival.
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  • Excursions
  • 40
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  • 124
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  • 206