HRUK00027U CANCELED: Russian/East European history and politics

Volume 2016/2017

Curriculum for the BA program for the East and South East European Studies with specialisations in Balkan Studies, Modern Greek Studies, Polish and Russian, the 2010 curriculum or

Curriculum for the elective studies in Eastern European Studies, The 2007 Curriculum or

Curriculum for Master´s Program in Russian Language and Culture
The 2008 Curriculum or

Curriculum for Master´s Program in Eastern European Studies, The 2008 Curriculum or

Curriculum for Master’s Program in Cross-Cultural Studies, The 2009 Curriculum

Curriculum for Master’s Program in Cross-Cultural Studies, The 2015 Curriculum


Seminars centered on central aspects of Russian/East European history and/or on burning political issues within contemporary Russia/Eastern Europe.

For students in Russian studies, there will be one hour per week devoted to reading of relevant texts in Russian, on top of the 3-hour seminar.


Learning Outcome

BA 2010-ordning Balkan:
Fordybelsesemne (fagelement HBAB01091E)
Valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HBAB01101E) 
BA projekt (fagelementkode HBAB01111E) 

BA 2010-ording Polsk:
Fordybelsesemne (fagelementkode HPLB01091)
Valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HPLB01101E) 
BA projekt (fagelementkode HPLB01111E) 

BA 2010-ordning Russisk:
Fordybelsesemne (fagelementkode HRUB01091E)
Valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HRUB01101E)
BA projekt (fagelementkode HRUB01111E)

BA tilvalg 2007-ordning:
Valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HØEB10031E)

KA 2008-ordning Russisk:
Fagteori (fagelementkode HRUK03311E)
Formidling (fagelementkode HRUK03391E)
Valgfag (fagelementkode HRUK03371E)
KA 2008-ordning Østeuropastudier:
Særligt studeret emne I (fagelementkode HØEK03211E)
Særligt studeret emne II (fagelementkode HØEK03231E)
Emne B (fagelementkode HØEK03241E)
Valgfag (fagelementkode HØEK03261E)
Formidling (fagelementkode HØEK03281E) 

KA 2009-ordning Tværkulturelle Studier:
Regional specialisering (fagelementkode HTÆK03021E)
Regional specialisering med sprog (fagelementkode HTÆK03041E)
Aktuel tematisk problemstilling (fagelementkode HTÆK03051E)

KA 2015-ordning Tværkulturelle Studier:
Regional specialisering (fagelementkode HTÆK03211E)
Regional specialisering med sprog (fagelementkode HTÆK03261E)
Aktuel tematisk problemstilling (fagelemenktode HTÆK03141E)




Students will be required to read a collection of book chapters and articles. These will be made available in a reader

Seminars and optional Russian text-reading lessons
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 56
  • Preparation
  • 356,5
  • Total
  • 412,5
Type of assessment
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