HRUA01101U EU Foreign Policy and Relations with the Candidate States, Eastern Europe and the Middle East

Volume 2013/2014

A study of

1. the EU Foreign Policy – its underlying processes and current institutional and policy expressions; and

2.  EU relations with Eastern Europe and the Middle East, both neighbouring regions of great importance for the Union

Learning Outcome
BA 2010-ordning:
Balkanstudier valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HBAB01101E)
Grækenlandsstudier valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HGRB01101E)
Polsk valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HPLB01101E)
Russisk valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HRUB01101E)

BA tilvalg 2007-ordning:
Valgfrit emne (fagelementkode HØEB10031E)

KA Østeuropastudier 2008-ordning:
Særligt studeret emne I (fagelementkode HØEK03211E)
Emne B (fagelementkode HØEK03241E)
Valgfag (fagelementkode HØEK03261E)

BA tilvalg Arabisk 2007-ordning:
Særligt studeret emne (fagelementkode HARB10141E)

KA Mellemøstlige sprog og samfund 2008-ordning:
Emnekursus A (fagelementkode HMØK03711E)
Emnekursus B (fagelementkode HMØK03721E)
A selection of articles
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Discussion in class, interactive discussion and work with East European and/or Middle Eastern students
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