HPOB00801U Portuguese - Problem-based team project

Volume 2016/2017

The purpose of this course is to train students in tackling real-world problems—to practice each step of the process, from problem identification and needs analysis, through several stages of analysis, to the preliminary presentation (oral) of results, analysis of feedback, and ultimately to the final written project.  This entire process will be completed in collaboration with a class of Brazilian students from the State University of Rio de Janeiro.  The problems, identified and presented by two international firms with offices in Brazil, involve intercultural communication in a Brazilian/Danish and Brazilian/International context.


The first part of the semester will be devoted to the examination of theoretical works on intercultural communication and dealing with communication breakdowns, as well as methodological tools (e.g., needs analysis, project management, problem-solving) in order to devise strategies for tackling and responding to the problems experienced by our business partners.


Mid-way through the semester the students will travel to Rio and work with their counterparts to polish their oral presentations, which they will make to the companies.  Based on the feedback they receive, they will use the remainder of the semester to rethink any proposals that need refining or restructuring, as well as work on report-writing skills so as to produce a polished final project. Students who are unable to travel to Brazil will participate via electronic communication.

The reading list, to be announced at a later date, will include, but not be restricted to, theoretical and methodological texts in the areas of intercultural communication, business communication, and project management.

Language: English and Portuguese. Assigned readings will be in both languages, as will communication with the Brazilian students so that competence is advanced in both. The presentation of projects (both oral and written) will be in English, as they will be evaluated by staff in the companies as well as the universities.
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