HPEA10112U Socialist and Post-socialist Cities in Central Asia, Russia, and Eastern Europe

Volume 2014/2015
Studieordning for tilvalget på bachelorniveau i Centralasien- og Afghanistanstudier,
BA i Øst- og Sydøsteuropastudier (russisk/balkan/polsk) 2010
Tilvalg i Østeuropastudier 2007

This course will look into the transformation that the socialist planned cities have gone through following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the fall of communism. By looking into case studies from across Central Asia, Russia, and Eastern Europe, the course will examine how the city and the everyday lives of city dwellers are shaped by new practices of consumption and mobility, spatial segregation, growing socio-economic disparities, privatisation, and identity-building projects.

Learning Outcome

 BA 2013-tilvalgsordning i Centralasien: 

Tematisk emne (fagelementkode, HPEB10111E)

Analytisk emne (fagelementkode, HPEB10121E)

Frit emne (Fagelementkode: HPEB10131E)

BA 2010-ordning Øst- og Sydeuropastudier:

Fordybelsesemne (Fagelementkode HRUB01091E, HBAB01091E, HPLB01091E)

Tema 4b Valgfrit emne (Fagelementkode HRUB01101E, HBAB01101E, HPLB01101E)

BA-projekt (Fagelementkode HRUB01111E, HBAB01111E, HPLB01111E)

Tilvalg 2007-ordning i Østeuropastudier

Valgfrit emne (Fagelementkode HØEB10031E)

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