HPEA10111U  Religious Currents in Central Asia

Volume 2014/2015
Studieordning for tilvalget på bachelorniveau i Centralasien- og Afghanistanstudier,

BA i Mellemøstens sprog og samfund med specialisering i de centrale fag Arabisk, Assyriologi, Hebraisk, Nærorientalsk arkæologi, Persisk, Tyrkisk og Ægyptologi, 2010-ordningen

Islam in Central Asia is often assumed to have established cultural homogeneity to the region, and at present it is frequently associated with radical movements. The course will challenge such stereotypes by situating the history of Islam within the wider historical and political context in Central Asia. Attention will be paid to the role of Sufism, reformist movements, the persistence of religious expression in the face of political repression, and its ideological mobilization and role in identity building in contemporary Central Asian societies.

Learning Outcome


BA 2013-tilvalgsordning: Tematisk emne (fagelementkode, HPEB10111E)


Analytisk emne (fagelementkode, HPEB10121E)

Frit emne (Fagelementkode: HPEB10131E)


BA 2010-ordning:Udvalg tema om Tyrkiet og/eller den tyrkisk sprogede verden (fagelementkode HTRB01301E)


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