HNAB01141U NÆR, Jæger-samler og agerbrugssamfund (Neolitisering) (E14)

Årgang 2014/2015
Engelsk titel

Hunter, Gatherer and Agriculture (Neolithisation)

Udbydes efter BA 2010-studieordning Mellemøstens sprog og samfund på BA-niveau med specialisering i de centrale fag Arabisk, Assyriologi, Hebraisk, Nærorientalsk arkæologi, Persisk, Tyrkisk og Ægyptologi, 2010

The course deals with the archaeology, history, economy, climatic conditions, as well as the material evodence and the socio-political development of the Neolithic period. The time period covered by the course reaches from the Palaeolithic  to the Late Neolithic period, concentrating on the time between ca. 12.000 to 6.000 BCE. Its geographical area includes the Near East (Levant, Mesopotamia, Iran, Anatolia) and Egypt (as well as Sudan).  The theories and approaches to explain the neolithisation are an important part of the class, so that students will be able to critically assess such explanations.

The students will prepare group-work that will be presented in class. The participation in such group-work as well as writing a paper of 5-7 pages are the pre-conditions for being allowed to the exam.

The course will be of interest to all students who wish to learn about Hunter-Gatherer as well as early agricultural societies.


BA 2010-studieordning:
Neolitisering (fagelementkode HNAB01141E)

Simmons 2007, The Neolithic Revolution in the Near East; Matthews 2000, The Early Prehistory of Mesopotamia, Midant-Reynes 2000, The Prehistory of Egypt

It is adviseable that this course is taken after the Introduction to Mesopotamia and Egypt. The students need to be able to read English and German textbooks.
The basis of the course will be lectures. More detailed information will be produced by the students themselves, who present this in group-work or small written assignements. Different theoretical and methodological questions will be treated in group discussions
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