HNAA03222U The Archaeology of Islam as an agent in historical and heritage studies

Volume 2014/2015
BA Tilvalg 2007-studieordning i Nærorientalsk Arkæologi

KA 2008-studieordning Curriculum for the Master’s Programmes in
Ancient and Medieval Near Eastern Studies the 2008 Curriculum.

The archaeology of Islam shares many objectives and methodologies with the study of history and heritage. This course studies the nature of that still-developing relationship. An understanding of Islamic architecture and art offers insights into the cultural and aesthetic values of past Islamic societies, while the study of everyday objects teaches us about the ethics that regulated daily behavour. These matters can be framed within a dialogue on historical and heritage studies, which raises the question as to whose interests are currently served by an arguably western-dominated Islamic archaeology.

Learning Outcome

BA Tilvalg 2007-studieordning:
Områdestudie (fagelementkode HNAB10141E)

KA 2008-studieordning:
Special Topics in Archaelogy (fagelementkode HNAK03221E eller HNAK03271E)



Being able to read English.
Lectures, discussions and presentations by students.
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  • 274,5
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