HMVK04311U Musicology: Afrofuturism

Volume 2015/2016

Musikvidenskab KA2008 ordn. samt åbent for alle KA-uddannelsene på IKK og KA-tilvalg.


Afrofuturism covers artistic practices, aesthetic theories, and a more over-all view of existence (historical, cosmological, political, etc.). The term was coined by Mark Dery in his interview-essay “Black to the Future: Interviews with Samuel R. Delany, Greg Tate, and Tricia Rose” (in 1993), and together with other writers in the ‘90s – Mark Sinker, Greg Tate, Kodwo Eshun, and others – and other related terms such as for example “sonic fiction,” it has proven influential and important for a discussion across musical genres, across different artistic media, and across historical and geographical sites. From Dery’s definition, “speculative fiction that treats African-American themes and addresses African-American concerns in the context of twentieth-century technoculture,” the conversation these days is found related to the diversity of Afro-diasporic cultures, to diverse artistic practices on the African continent, and also related to other kinds of futurisms.

This class will present the framework of afrofuturism and participate in this on-going conversation. The theoretical literature will be interdisciplinary and the artistic material from across different media – music, literature, film, visual and graphic art, etc.

All students will work with different art forms, but for exam work it will be possible to narrow in closer to old-school disciplinary boundaries.
The class will be taught in English. (Should all participants be Scandinavian-speaking we will change to Danish).
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