HMVA0431PU Musicology: Performance, Bodies and Modern Staging of Opera

Volume 2017/2018

KA2008, BA2012 (only BA-projects)

  • Opera is and always has been a multimedia performance, involving sight and sound. The combination of words and music, along with staging and the bodily movements of the singer onstage are crucial elements in the performance of this genre. Most operas were composed for specific theaters, singers, and stage sets. What happens when we perform them in different settings and places with new stagings?

  • Operas studies tend to focus on written text (scores and librettos). In this course we will explore various contemporary trends in staging, including postmodern, realistic, and radical stagings, from a performative point of view. Stagings generate their own meanings, and establish a different link between text and performance, ranging from confrontation, anachronism, convention, realism, or historical reconstruction. Special attention will be given to the role of gestures and the body onstage as an expressive resource.

Kurset udbydes også som tværfagligt IKK-kursus.
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7,5 ECTS
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Der kan aflægges flere forskellige KA-eksaminer til dette kursus. ECTS-vægten vil derfor variere. Det samme vil eksamensformen og censurformen. For BA-projekter kan der kun aflægges eksamen HMVB01621E (15 ECTS)
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