HMVA0431KU Musicology: Sound Studies - An Introduction

Volume 2017/2018

KA 2008 ordning, BA2012 ordning (KUN BA-projekter - HMVB01621E)

  • More than a decade ago a new and trans-disciplinary field of research began to take shape, starting in a scholarly context with Bijsterveld/Pinch’s famous article “Sound Studies” in 2004. Since then this field has at the same time expanded and focused on phenomena, on experiential and affective aspects, on historical dispositives and contemporary effects of sounds and listening.

  • Sound Studies do integrate aspects and approaches from cultural studies and media theory, from communication research and musicology, from archeaological, ethnographical and – not the least – artistic and design research.

  • This seminar grants a broad insight into sound studies by way of major studies and articles, anthologies and handbooks from the various directions in this field. And, as part of the genuine methodology of sound studies, we will listen to and we will analyse selected examples and recordings crucial to sound studies.

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