HMKK03435U Cultural Policy: Working Diversity in Cultural Institutions

Volume 2017/2018

Moderne Kultur


The course will give an introduction to theoretical takes and critiques on diversity and ”mangfoldighed” as cultural policy and actual practice in institutional life. We will look at previous and contemporary institutional ventures like diversity management or diversity work, turning then to the specific contribution of Arts and Humanities, esp. cultural studies, to the concept and field of study that we could call ‘critical diversity'. Zooming in on different cultural institutions, we will focus particularly on the relation between structural discrimination and (lack of) critical diversity work on different levels. We will depart from existing and open up new case studies that look at past achievements and tools as well as prospective agendas to think about ways to adapt the (still) mainly US-American and British research models to the state of the art in Denmark.

The course is divided into three parts and sessions alternate lectures, class work, guided field work and individual research exercises. In the first part (weeks 1-3), we will get familiar with the main theoretical and methodological frameworks guiding the institutional analyses of diversity and structural discrimination and we will look at policy papers together. Part II (weeks 3-5) will be dedicated to analysing others’ case studies, practicing research methods and finding your own cases that you start to work on, pitch and present in weeks 6 and 7. A particular focus is put on the presence and silencing of race and racism in Denmark (and middle and northern Europe at large). We will trace and investigate different interventions into the status quo by artist and institutional initiatives.


NB! This course is one of three courses on cultural policy which this semester constitutes the second half of module 5, subject within cultural policy, in the ”studieordning” for Moderne Kultur. The first half is the obligatory course Cultural Policy – Theory, Method & Analysis. Students attending ”Working Diversity” is expected to have attended the obligatory course.

Essential reading: Sara Ahmed's On Being Included. Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life (Duke UP, 2012) Additional introductory reading: Lotte Hock’s Embedded Diversity. A Critical Ethnographic Study of the Structural Tensions of Organising Diversity. (Copenhagen Business School PhD series, 2015)

Recommended teaser: The Guerilla Girls’ Youtube-Chanel: https:/​/​​channel/​UCNPZ8igdnGq27x23GiOR33A

A course reader with will be available prior to the first session. Active participation in the course is absolutely necessary as the individual elements build upon each other.

This course is one of the three courses offered this semester that constitute the latter part of a cultural policy module (the first being the mandatory course Cultural Policy – Theory, Method & Analysis). Students are asked to hand in and pass two mandatory assignments defined by the responsible teacher.
Exams are offered for module 5 in the curriculum of 2015.
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