HMKA03206U Modern culture: Topic in Cultural History: 4 cities - Urbanism and Architecture

Volume 2013/2014
Moderne Kultur og Kulturformidling.
The aim of this course is to present the main developments of 19th and 20th century European cities and to explore the form and function of selected types of architecture. Copenhagen is a central reference but throughout the course, these developments will be compared to international developments as well. The course addresses the following themes: 1: How to look at architecture 2: The planning of Copenhagen – the 1908 competition, the Finger Plan, the Orestad 3: The urban square as the organizing element of the city - 4: Railway Stations 5: Factories and office buildings 6: Schools 7: Domesticity – designing the modern interior 8: Museums – Thorvaldsens, Louisiana, Arken 9: Functionalism 10: Fun city – cities in the experience economy
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