HMEA03204U FM, Between Documentary and Fiction

Årgang 2013/2014
Engelsk titel

Between Documentary and Fiction

Kandidatuddannelse i Filmvidenskab og Medievidenskab

Throughout the history of documentary film, and perhaps especially for the last 20 years, the boundary towards fiction has been an issue. Blurring the boundary towards fiction has been criticized, but it has also provided productive new represenational strategies, and presently the border zone between documentary and fiction keeps being explored in new ways by ground-breaking films, as well as in new television formats.


This course aims to develop a historical and a theoretical framework for understanding this border zone, as well as to identify and analyze new films and television formats that position themselves discursively between documentary and fiction. Cases such as biographical film, animated documentaries, mockumentaries and essay films will be explored together with new digital strategies for making web documentaries that are partly interactive.


We will explore the CPH:DOX festival among other sources for interesting study objects and events. Active participation by students is expected.

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KA 2013:
Modul 2: Kultur, Genrer og Æstetik: HFMK03021E
Modul 7: Valgfrit emne 1: HFMK03131E
Modul 7: Valgfrit emne 2: HFMK03141E

Medievidenskab 2008:
Computermedie, genre HMEK03261E
Valgfrit emne 1 HMEK03201E

Filmvidenskab 2008: 
Filmæstetikog reception HFVA04141E
Film/tvhistorie/analyse HFVA04151E
Valgfrit emne 1 HFVA04181E
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