HMEA03202U FM, Creative and cultural industries

Årgang 2013/2014
Engelsk titel

Creative and cultural industries

Kandidatuddannelse i Filmvidenskab og Medievidenskab

This course aims at MA students from media and communication studies and related disciplines.This course can be included in MA in Film Studies and MA in Media Studies programs’ module 1 (media organizations and institutions). 

The course focuses on sociological approaches to latest changes in the work of media production and consumption and the rise of creative industries. Social scientists argue that cultural and creative industries are some of the most prosperous industries today, on a worldwide scale. What kind of changes does digital media and ‘media convergence’ brings in everyday life or in media professions and in the patterns of production and consumption of symbolic goods? The course approaches important questions that relate to the ways that we can understand the economic parameters of creativity today, in relation to the production of wealth in increasingly fluid socio-economic terrains. The course follows literature related to the political economy of new media, globalization, amateurism and digital media.

Valg af prøveform:
KA 2013:
Modul 2: Kultur, Genrer og Æstetik:  HFMK03021E
Modul 7: Valgfrit emne 1: HFMK03131E
Modul 7: Valgfrit emne 2: HFMK03141E

Medievidenskab 2008:
Valgfrit emne 1 HMEK03201E

Filmvidenskab 2008: 
Film/tvhistorie/analyse HFVA04151E
Valgfrit emne 1 HFVA04181E

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