HMEA03143U FM, Short Films - an introduction to writing, directing and producing short films

Årgang 2013/2014
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Short Films - an introduction to writing, directing and producing short films

Kandidatuddannelse i Filmvidenskab og Medievidenskab

Short films are often regarded as exercises for filmmakers before producing their first feature films. In this course we focus on the short film, be it fictional or documentary, as an artistic form in itself. Taught by writer and director Sven Vinge, the course focuses on the practical aspects of filmmaking: Scriptwriting, directing and producing. While some of the lessons are general in regards to film theory and production the students are encouraged to discuss and evaluate the particular rules behind successful SHORT films, be it aesthetic or story-wise. Students have the opportunity to theoretically analyse different short films and write critically about the format, write scripts or produce films themselves. Although the term 'short film' could have included commercials, music videos and viral advertising these are not areas we'll analyse or discuss. Instead we focus on films in which the main goal of the filmmakers is to challenge the audience artistically or intellectually and not with the ambition of selling products.

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KA 2013:
Modul 7: Valgfrit emne 3: HFMK03151E
Modul 7: Valgfrit emne 4: HFMK03161E

Medievidenskab 2008: 
Filmog tv-produktion og formidling HMEK03141E
Modul 8:Valgfrit emne 2 HMEK03211E
Modul 8: Valgfrit emne 2 HMEK03221E

Filmvidenskab 2008:
Audiovisuel formidling: egen produktion HFVA04121E
Modul 6: Valgfrit emne 2 HFVA04191E
Modul 6: Valgfrit emne 2 HFVA04201E 
The course is only available for degree students at film and media studies.
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