HMEA03137U FM, Ethnic Minorities and Immigrants in European Cinema CANCELLED

Årgang 2013/2014
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Ethnic Minorities and Immigrants in European Cinema CANCELLED

Kandidatuddannelse i Filmvidenskab og Medievidenskab
Ethnic minorities and immigrants are some of the most debated issues by politicians and media today. To what extent does European cinema mirror the often raised questions about national identity and self-understanding in relation to ethnic minorities and immigrants? The main objective of this course is to give an introduction to this new field in European cinema in relation to its historical, political and social contexts
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KA 2013:
Modul 2: Kultur, Genrer og Æstetik: HFMK03021E
Modul 7: Valgfrit emne 1: HFMK03131E
Modul 7: Valgfrit emne 2: HFMK03141E

Medievidenskab 2008:
Valgfrit emne 1 HMEK03201E

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Valgfrit emne 1 HFVA04181E
Valgfrit emne 2 HFVA04191E

Films by directors such as Stephen Frears, Michael Winterbottom, Josef Fares,Emir Kusturica and many others will be reviewed, contextualized and analyzed. Students are expected to participate actively and make presentations.


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