HMØK00051U History of Zionism and Israel

Volume 2015/2016

Master's programme in Middle Eastern Languages and Societies, 2008


This course aims at presenting some the most salient discussions between Zionism and Post-Zionism in scholarly works and their impact on our understanding of Zionist narrative about “Jewishness”, “Israelness”, “Homeland”, “Exile”, and the “reconstruction” of a National Identity and Memory. The emergence  and development of Israel as a new “Jewish” state oscillates between being a national and a colonial state. In the words of Silberstein, “Post-zionism is a term applied to a current set of critical positions that problematize Zionist discourse and the historical narratives and social and cultural representations that it produced.” Students will be provided with theoretical and analytical tools to enable them to understand and interpret these scholarly texts on Zionism and postzionism and discourses thereof.

Learning Outcome

MA 2008-curriculum:
The history of Middle Eastern Research (Fagelementkode HMØK03641E)
Sociology of the Middle East (Fagelementkode HMØK03671E)
Specialized topic A (Fagelementkode HMØK03711E)
Specialized topic B (Fagelementkode HMØK03721E)

Bibliography, Texts and Curriculum will be available on Absalon

Lectures, individual and group work.
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