HMØK0003EU Minorities in the Muslim World

Volume 2018/2019

Studieordning for det centrale fag på kandidatniveau i Mellemøstens sprog og samfund, 2017-ordningen



In this course, students will be introduced to theories about minority/majority-relations, ethnicity, sectarianism, nationalism and conflict from the social sciences (political theory, sociology, anthropology) that are relevant to the study of ethnic and religious minorities in the broader Muslim World. 

Exemplifying these theories will be case studies and secondary literature related to the political, cultural and social situation of minorities in the Middle East, Central Asia and beyond. These case studies include the Kurds, the Uighurs, Christian minorities, the Sunni/Shia conflict and more. 

The students are expected to choose a case about a minority or a minority-majority relation from the Muslim World; study primary and secondary sources about the chosen case; and apply the theories and concepts taught during the course

Learning Outcome

KA 2017-studieordning:
Elective topic 1 (fagelementkode Arabic HARK03231E, Hebrew HHEK03231E, Persian HPEK03231E, Turkish HTRK03231E)



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