HMØB0022EU CANCELLED, Islam on the Balkans

Volume 2018/2019

Studieordning for tilvalget på bachelorniveau i Tyrkisk, 2013



Islam is a faith practiced in Southern Europe since the 8th Century with its modern form emerging in the Balkans with the rise of the Ottoman Empire. Tracking the cultural, theological, institutional, and socio-economic transformations over these 500 years, this course seeks to take the student to the present-day by introducing a European Muslim story that goes beyond the Ottoman Empire's collapse. Through the rise of ethno-nationalist states in the 20th Century, and the forgotten contribution Muslims made, this course offers students a new appreciation for what makes the experiences of Islam in the Balkans different from those observed in the larger world.


Learning Outcome

BA-tilvalg 2007-studieordning

Udvalg emne om Tyrkiet og/eller den tyrkisksprogede verden (fagelementkode HTRB10061E)

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