HMØB0021EU CANCELED, Past and heritage: concepts, uses, current threats in the Middle East

Volume 2018/2019

Curriculum for the Elective Studies in Arabic, The 2007 Curriculum


This elective course is designed for BA students at ToRS and lasts 14 weeks. The course presents the fundamental concepts, main various uses and the current threats relevant for the study of both past and heritage in the Middle East. Taken as its starting point the scholarly literature on past of the Middle East and its various aspects of heritage (from archaeological sites to oral traditions), the course will seek to understand the implication of the recent conflicts in the region on the heritage in terms of threats and future survival. A special feature of this course is the introduction of non-western ideas on the complex process of heritage creation / destruction along with presentations of the vivid intellectual debate among Arabic intellectuals on relevant issues; first and foremost the encounter between the Arabic- Islamic past and western modernity. This will include the exploration of post-colonial, fundamentalist, and nationalist, as well as orientalist and neo-orientalist, approaches to this latter issue. The course is a blend of lectures and case studies in addition to that several key speakers will be invited to present their views on selected topics. Due to the ongoing conflicts in the region especially in Syria and Iraq the course will address the issue of the destruction of cultural heritage in its various forms. It will also comment on the role heritage can play in the rebuilding period ( post-conflict phase)  in the affected Arabic countries.

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BA-tilvalg 2007-studieordning

Særligt studeret emne (fagelementkode HARB10141E)


Collection of articles, books, research reports.

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