HMØA03693U  Middle Eastern Literature in Translation

Volume 2014/2015
Det Humanistiske Fakultets Uddannelser Studieordning for kandidatuddannelsen i Mellemøstlige sprog og samfund, 2008-ordningen

This course will present a short introduction to modern Middle Eastern and North African literature with special focus on the birth and development of the Middle Eastern Novel. 

A section of works of Jewish writers of Middle Eastern and North African descent will afterwards be presented and discussed in English. Students who are working with Middle Eastern and North African languages: Hebrew, Arabic, French etc., are welcomed to work on the selected texts in their original languages.   

The course will also present a selection of theories within comparative literature and translations studies in order to help students to acquire and/or sharpen their analytical skills.

Learning Outcome

KA- 2008 studieordning:

Modern literature with literary theory and method (Fagelementkode HMØK03541E)

Media in the Middle East (Fagelementkode HMØK03691E) 

Specialized topic B (Fagelementkode HMØK03721E) 

Specialized topic A (Fagelementkode HMØK03711E)

Teaching syllabus and texts will be handed out at the beginning of the course

Passed BA level
Type of assessment
Criteria for exam assesment
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  • Preparation
  • 384,5
  • Lectures
  • 28
  • Total
  • 412,5