HMØA03692U Minorities in the Middle East

Volume 2013/2014
Master´s Programme in Middle Eastern Languages and Societies The 2008 Curriculum
This course explores the contentious issue of ethnic, tribal, linguistic and religious minorities in the modern Middle East. Taking a cue from the theoretical literature in Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science on minorities and identity politics, the course will present students with cases from across the Middle East, including the Arab world and Israel. Issues for investigation and discussion includes mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion, majoritarian rule, sectarianism, linguistic and religious rights and ethno-political mobilization. It is expected that students also present their own case studies. The course will be offered in English
Learning Outcome
KA 2008 ordning:
Religion i Mellemøsten (HMØK03681E)
Sociologi i Mellemøsten (HMØK03671E)
Emne kursus A (fagelementkode HMØK03711E)
In agreement with the teacher
Passed BA level
Lectures and teaching with active involvement of the students.
The involvement can be in the form of student presentations and discussion
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  • 28
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  • 384,5
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  • 412,5
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