HKUK0361EU Art History/Visuel Culture/Modern Culture: Painting and Photography in Dialouge 1839-1939

Volume 2016/2017

Photography is considered as medium of suspension of sizes and proportions, and as a medium of simultaneous representation and illusion. In this role, it significantly influenced the (not only) artistic perception of the 19th century. The art-claim of photography and reality-claim of the painting stood consistently since the 1830ies in an extremely complex and tense relationship.

The seminar follows the task of tracing the changes in the art and the concept of art by the invention and early development of photography. The focus will be set on the techniques, forms and styles, contents, themes and genres as well as artists who have contributed to the inexorable rise of photography as an art form and a mass medium. (1)

The thoroughgoing interplay of mutual influence between painting and photography allows a good insight into the history of styles of fine arts in the 19th century as well. (2)

The question of the formal registration, description and interpretation of the two-dimensional image composition is foundational and remains fundamental for art history: It will be treated on the important examples of photography and painting of 19th Century. (3)

Awaited is an active participation in discussions, group works, and shorter written exercises, which together lead to the required individual, independently conceived and written paper.


[1. lecture] Introduction. Camera Obscura

[2. lecture] Inventors & basic Principles

[3. lecture] Genres I. Portrait (England)

[4. lecture] Genres I. Portrait (Continent)

[5. lecture] Genres II. Erotica

[6. lecture] Genres III. Other Genres

[7. lecture] Excursion

[8. lecture] Photography and Painting I. Classicism & Romanticism

[9. lecture] Photography and Painting II. Realism & Impressionism

[10. lecture] Photography and Painting III. 'Snapshot'

[11. lecture] Photography as Art. Theoretical Discussions I

[12. lecture] Photography as Art. Theoretical Discussions II

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