HKUK03613U Art history: Cultural Entrepreneurship in Theory, History and Praxis

Volume 2013/2014
Art history


The course, which will be held in English and partially in Danish, focuses on five ‘case studies’ – five invited guests and international renewed ‘cultural entrepreneurs’. They are working in the fields of curatorship, art in public space, archive, design and architecture as well as art- and science collaboration. Through five workshops, students will be offered insights into the practical aspects of freelance work in ‘cultural sector’, which they themselves might tend to be involved in after finishing their study of Art History, Visual Culture, or Modern Culture.

The course will consist of only 8 – however compulsory – sessions, starting with an introduction to the theoretical and historical premises of the critical term ‘cultural entrepreneurship’ as well as the advantages and downsides of the entrepreneurial concept.

After the five workshops with an active participation, discussion and group work with our guests, the course participants will have to independently conceive and write a paper related both to the chosen entrepreneurial model(s) related to one´s own possible professional aspirations in the future. Required will be a critical theoretical and historical analysis of the presented concepts and a practical sense for their implementation as well.

Structure of the course

4. 09. 2013, kl. 15-18: Introduction to the purpose, themes and structure of the course[uge 1]

11.09. 2013, kl. 15-18: Cultural Entrepreneurship in Theory and History[uge 2]

18. 09. 2013, kl. 15-19: Design and Architecture: Sigurd Larsen (Berlin/Copenhagen)[uge 3]

25.09. 2013,kl. 15-19:Public Art Masterplan: Werner Klotz (Berlin/Vancouver/New York)[uge 4]

2. 10. 2013, kl. 15-19: Bio-Art and Bio-Media: Jens Hauser (Berlin/Paris)[uge 5]

9. 10. 2013, kl. 15-19: DIY-Culture in Berlin: Tilman Baumgärtel (Berlin)[uge 6]

23. 10. 2013, kl. 15-19: Curating from the Archive: Kathy Rae Huffman (Berlin)[uge 7]

30. 10. 2013, kl. 15-18: Presentation and discussion of the examination papers[uge 8]

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