HKUB11051U Art history 1: Contemporary Art and Introduction to Art Historical Praxis

Volume 2015/2016
History of Art

The course will provide insight into the international contemporary art tendencies and its place in today´s societies. The so-called contemporary art covers (and has always covered) not only painting and sculpture, but also various kinds of other media and materials like sound, installation, performance, architecture, telecommunication tools, to the digital and biological ‘code’ themselves and beyond.

As in other disciplines, there are no common rules within the contemporary art studies existing, upon which the diversity of contemporary art may be diagrammed universally. It has to do with the fact that the modern- and contemporary art and the visual and cultural practices in general are no longer dealing exclusively with images of a temporary finite nature. Their processual structure demands specific sensibility for the description, appraisal and presentation of the related performative, installative, film- and videographic or (hyper-)textual – material.

The emphasis will therefore lay on the introducing, contextualization and verbalization of the works and projects of the past ca. 40 years. Through written and oral exercises as well as discussions, the course is designed to cultivate the ability to articulate the experiences of the contemporary art practices on the basis of specific artworks. The course consists of lectures and excursions in order to set the stage for discussions and student exercises of written and verbal kind.

Some readings:

Stalabrass, J 2006, Contemporary Art: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press, Oxford

O’Doherty, B, Inside the White Cube. The Ideology of the Gallery Space (Expanded Edition); University of California Press & Berkeley & Los Angeles, London, 1991 (1. publ. in Artforum 1976

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