HKUA03611U Art History: Video

Volume 2013/2014
Art History

The course focuses on the premises and cultural implications of the first analog audio-visual medium – a medium that in its today's digital manifestations certainly belongs to the dominant means of cultural expression: Video camera modules are in a meantime available in all conceivable technical devices which we use on daily basis. Video cameras, recorders and monitors belong therefore to the key reasons why our globalized cultures in spite of all setbacks are able to maintain their expansion course.

The medium of Video is, however, hardly understood as a specific medium, because of it appearance in the context of media networks, or as part of a technical or cultural apparatus. Does it make less decisive as in the 1970s? This is one of the many questions posed throughout the course, in which most important features, theories, histories and artistic examples from the Video realm will be presented, analyzed and discussed.

Tentative structure of the course

01. Veni. Vidi. Video. Introduction and allocation of tasks
02. Video as reflexive / speculative medium
03. Video as medium of emancipation / Expanded Cinema
04. Video, guerrilla, activism, ecology
05. Video semiotics
06. Video as medium of monitoring
07. Video systematic and genealogy in summary. Performative, cinematic and installative aspects
08. Video and the critique of representation
09. Video as a tool of history and cultural study
10. Video Games
11. Video cultures and video aesthetics today. Summary and discussion

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