HKOA00674U North Korea: History, society, and culture

Volume 2013/2014
Curriculum for the BA programme in Asian Studies with specialisations in
Indology, Japanese Studies, China Studies, Korean Studies, Southeast Asian Studies and Tibetology or

The 2007 curriculum for the Elective Studies in Korean studies
This 14 week course aims to provide students with no prior knowledge of North Korea with a critical introduction to the history, society and culture of one of the world’s most secretive states. The course will cover the following areas: the emergence of the North Korean state, the guerrilla background of Kim Il Sung, the liberation period and the Korean War, North Korean political and economic development 1953-91, North Korea after the collapse of the Soviet Union, daily life in North Korea, the roots of the economic problems, Juche ideology, the nuclear issue, North-South relations since 1971, characterizing the North Korean state, North Korean film and art, the issue of defectors, and problems in studying North Korea. Students will be expected to keep up with weekly readings and to contribute to class discussions.
Learning Outcome
BA 2010-ordning:
Koreansk realia 1 (fagelementkode HKOB00671E) 
Koreansk realia 2 (fagelementkode HKOB00731E)
Koreansk realia 3 (fagelementkode HKOB00761E)

BA tilvalg 2007-ordning:
Koreansk realia II (fagelementkode HKOB10071E)
No prior knowledge of the Korean language or Korean history and society is required.
Classroom teaching with active student participation.
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  • 28
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  • 384,5
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  • 412,5
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