HKIÆ0105EU Chinese Propaedeutics A - CBS (E23)

Volume 2023/2024

Offered by:

  • Programme curriculum Bachelor courses in China Studies 2022 - CBS

The course provides students with knowledge of the basic elements of the Chinese language with regards to syntax, grammar, and colloquial speech. The course will help the student build a basic vocabulary enabling him/her to start communicating in basic Chinese.

The course activities include text reading, translation, reading aloud, written and oral translation exercises, oral interaction, teaching of Chinese characters, exercises in grammar and sentence analysis.

Learning Outcome

Curriculum for the elective at Bachelor’s level in China Studies, 2022 curriculum

Chinese Propaedeutics A  (activity code HKIÆ00231E)


  • New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd ed), vol 1, Textbook ISBN -13 : 978 756 194 2772

  • New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd ed), vol 1, Workbook ISBN -13 : 978 756 194 4608

Preapproval from Copenhagen Business School
Class teaching where the students are actively involved either on an individual level or in group work guided by cooperative learning principles that engage each student to a maximum extent. We strongly encourage the students to form study groups.
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Lectures
  • 56
  • Preparation
  • 300,5
  • Practical exercises
  • 56
  • Total
  • 412,5
Continuous feedback during the course of the semester

Continuous feedback is given all through the semester, in connection with students’ active participation and in connection with weekly tests that are commented by the teacher.

Type of assessment
Criteria for exam assesment