HJAK0100FU War and Peace in Asia in the Twentieth Century (F20)

Volume 2019/2020
  • Curriculum for BA programme in Asian Studies with specialisation in Indology, Japanese Studies, Chinese Studies, Korean Studies, South East Asian Studies and Tibetology, 2015
  • Curriculum for BA elective programme in Japanese Studies, 2019
  • Curriculum for MA programme in Japanese Studies, 2019
  • Curriculum for MA programme in Asian Studies, 2008

The following topics will be treated:

1. What is Asia?  – An introductory session or two outlining the region (with special attention to maritime and continental regions) and the rational for having a course that covers it. In practice the course will cover East, South East and parts of South Asia (which still leaves the Middle East, Central Asia and – former – Soviet-Asia). Periodization will also be discussed. “Twentieth century” might be understood as a “long” century, in that relevant developments in the 19th century will briefly have to be outlined (such as the enforced opening of Japan and subsequent Meiji reforms); European perceptions

2. Empires, national states, colonization, independence.

3. The First World War in Asia and its Aftermath

4. The Second World War in Asia; the rise and fall of the Japanese empire

5. Regionalism in the Wake of the Second World War

Other topics will (at least in part) depend on student interests, but are likely to include the following:

  • Independent states: conflict and cooperation
  • Internal conflicts
  • The Cold War – including the Korean War and the Vietnam War in this context
  • The post-Cold War era
  • The “East Asian Peace”

A final session (or two) to summarize what developments in the 20th century mean for present conditions and what challenges Asia is currently facing.

Learning Outcome

BA 2015-studieordning:
Japanstudier realia 1 (aktivitetskode HJAB00831E)
Japanstudier realia 2 (aktivitetskode HJAB00871E)
Japanstudier realia 3 (aktivitetskode HJAB00891E)

BA-tilvalg 2019-studieordning:
Japansk Realia A (aktivitetskode HJAB10211E)
Japansk Realia B (aktivitetskode HJAB10221E)
Japansk Realia C (aktivitetskode HJAB10231E)

KA 2008-studieordning:
Tekstbaseret Emne (aktivitetskode HJAK03042E)
Emnekursus A (aktivitetskode HJAK03051E)
Emnekursus B (aktivitetskode HJAK03101E)

  • Bill Hayton, The South China Sea: the Struggle for Power in Asia, Yale University Press, ppbk 2015
  • Michael Wesley, Restless Continent: Wealth, Rivalry and Asia's New Geopolitics, Duckworth Overlook, ppbk 2017
Seminars and writing workshops (possibly short lectures)
IMPORTANT: If you are taking this course as a BA course, please note that you should also take the relevant ToRS common course offered this semester.
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