HIVB10052U Research Analysis

Volume 2017/2018

The elective course provides students with the competencies to plan and execute bibliometric studies, including traditional publication and citation analyzes and analyzes of scientific communication on the internet. Theories, methods and indicators for science studies and research analysis are core elements of the course. The aims of the course are to provide students with skills to analyze scientific activity, quality and communication with bibliometric theories and methods as well as skills in assessing the reliability and validity of bibliometric methods.

Eksempler på litteratur der tænkes anvendt på kurset:

  • Cronin, B. & Sugimoto, C.R. (Eds.) (2014).  Bibliometrics and Beyond:  Harnessing Multidimensional Indicators of Scholarly Impact. The MIT Press.
  • Moed, H.F. (2005). Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation. Dordrecht: Springer
  • Morris, S.A. & Van der Veer Martens, B. (2008).  Mapping Research Specialties.  In B. Cronin (Ed.). Annual Review of Information Science, Vol. 42. pp. 213-297. http:/​/​​doi/​10.1002/​aris.144.v42:1/​issuetoc
  • Ochsner, M., Hug, S.E., Hans-Dieter, D. (Eds.) (2016). Research assessment in the Humanities: towards criteria and procedures.  Switzerland: SpringerNature
Students will be given lectures in class, but will be required to attend class regularly and participate in hands-on technical analyses while working either individually or in groups.
  • Category
  • Hours
  • Class Instruction
  • 85
  • Exam
  • 150
  • Exam Preparation
  • 175,8
  • Total
  • 410,8
Continuous feedback during the course of the semester
Peer feedback (Students give each other feedback)

individuel feedback ved afsluttende eksamen efter behov

Type of assessment
Eksamenssprog: Engelsk
Extent: 20-25 standard pages
Portfolio assessment:
a portfolio is a systematic collection of documents prepared by the student during the module. The portfolio allows the students to demonstrate the skills that they have acquired and will contain 2-4 different assignments. This will include a summarized report of reflections and observations. The students’ portfolios will be built up during classroom laboratory sessions and in part through assigned homework.
All aids allowed
Marking scale
7-point grading scale
Censorship form
External censorship
Exam period

Winter examen 2017


7 dages bunden hjemmeopgave. Februar 2018