HITK04225U Italian - Free Topic 1: Margins of Italy

Volume 2016/2017

In the narrative about Italy as a nation state a series of groups and places have been seen as marginal and excluded.

In this course we study some of these “margins,” Italy’s old colonies, the South, Roma camps, urban peripheries and others that we select together during the course.

We will examine how these “margins” have acquired their present status and study the power relations behind the divisions between “center” and “margins.”

The following book should be purchased before the start of the course:

  • David Forgacs, Margini d'Italia. L'esclusione sociale dall'Unità a oggi, Roma: Laterza, 2015.
The course may serve as KA-topic and BA-topic, and as inspiration for BA-project and MA thesis.
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7,5 ECTS
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