HITK00005U Italiensk - Frit emne 2: Italiano aziendale

Årgang 2017/2018
Engelsk titel

Italian - Free Topic 2: Italiano aziendale




The purpose of this course is to give students an introduction to Italian business terminology as well as to practice written communication in the form of emails, enquiries, orders, and to practice verbal communication in the form of presentations.

Furthermore, the course provides an introduction to Italian business life, corporate and business structures, leadership and organization, particularly within import and export.

Textbooks to be obtained before the start of the course:

Edoardo Nesi: Storia della mia gente. Bompiani Overlook, Milano, 2011.

Italiano per economisti. See description: http:/​​/​​www.almaedizioni.it/​​it/​​catalogo/​​scheda/​​italiano-per-economisti/​​. Can be purchased in DK via: http:/​​/​​www.iis.dk/​​da-DK/​​B%C3%98GER.aspx

Besides the textbooks we will also work with other texts and exercises.

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