HIOK0003SU Summer Course in Scandinavian Manuscript Studies: 3. Preparing an Edition

Volume 2016/2017

The highest-level course guides the student through the process of preparing an edition of a medieval or early modern text found in multiple manuscript witnesses. Using a text which has not been previously edited, the students will as a group work through the stages and decisions which go into the making of editions:

  1. Locating and transcribing the witnesses: The students will use the skills previously learned in the basic level course to locate, date and transcribe the multiple witnesses of the unedited text.
  2. Collating variants: Using the skills learned in the advanced course, the students will collate variants in order to create a variant apparatus and stemma codicum.
  3. Presenting the edition: As a group, the students will decide how to present their findings as an edition, whether electronic or print, best-text or critical, diplomatic or normalised, etc.

Following the course, the students are encouraged to continue their work as a group for eventual publication of an edition.

For a full list of lecturers, please visit:  http://nfi.ku.dk/english/courses/summer-courses/

For information on tuition fees, please visit the Faculty of Humanities summer school website: http://humanities.ku.dk/education/summer/

Learning Outcome

By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Locate multiple manuscript witnesses of a single text
  • Make meaningful decisions in the collation and presentation of variant readings
  • Prepare an edition based on primary manuscript sources

See the curriculum: http:/​/​hum.ku.dk/​uddannelser/​aktuelle_studieordninger/​dansk/​skandinaviske_manuskriptstudier_katv.pdf

In order to be admitted to the Master’s elective offered as summer courses in Scandinavian Manuscript Studies, the student must have completed a Bachelor's degree program. The student must have some background in Old Norse language and literature, e.g. a BA level course such as The Nordic languages in the Medieval Period (De nordiske sprog i middelalderen).
The student must be able to read texts in Academic English.
It is recommended that before the student register for Preparing an Edition the student has taken The Theory and Practice of Scholarly Editing or something similar.
Class instruction with lectures and workshops.
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  • Hours
  • Project work
  • 210
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  • 210
7,5 ECTS
Type of assessment
Course participation, 2 weeks under invigilation
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