HIOA03451U HIO; Language Processing 2

Årgang 2014/2015
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HIO; Language Processing 2

IT and Cognition

Have you ever wondered how to build a system that can process text automatically, for example translate between languages, detect the sentiment of a text, reveal syntactic structure, or extract semantic information? In this class we will introduce the fundamental algorithms and models for natural language processing (NLP), and look at their applications.

A thorough understanding of machine learning (ML) and NLP algorithms is becoming a key competence for both research and industry jobs.  The class thus covers the theoretical foundations from probability and statistics and introduces fundamental NLP formalisms (Markov models, HMMs, PCFGs). The main focus, however, is a strong hands-on experience, i.e., the practical implementation of methods on concrete NLP problems. You will code up some of the models from scratch and learn how to apply them to new problems.

Familiarity with basic machine learning terms and a good knowledge of programming is required. The format of the class consists of lectures (including guest lectures), student presentations, and project work.

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