HIAB00681U Society of Modern India and South Asia

Volume 2015/2016

Udbydes efter studieordning for det centrale fag på BA niveau i Moderne Indien og Sydasienstudier 2012-ordning og

Studieordning for tilvalget på BA niveau i Moderne Indien og Sydasienstudier, 2012-ordningen


Government and Politics in Modern India and South Asia


The course provides a general introduction to the government and the political relations between state and society in South Asia. During the course students will become acquainted with the political systems of the South Asian countries and introduced to discussions about democracy, nationalism and the state, economic development, pluralism and identity politics.

The course combines a general introduction to the countries with a number of cross-cutting themes (see thematic outline below). The lessons will combine short lectures with group work and student presentations. Apart from the general reading and preparations for the course, there will be one or two small home assignments to complete.

The final evaluation of the course will take the form of a free written assignment (13-15 pages) with external examination

Learning Outcome

BA 2012-ordning:
Det moderne Indien og Sydasiens samfund (fagelementkode HIAB00681E)

BA Tilvalg 2012-ordning:
Det moderne Indien og Sydasiens samfund (fagelementkode HIAB10021E)

Core Texts

Brass, P. R. (2010). Routledge handbook of South Asian politics : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.London, Routledge. [Paperback edition published August 2013]

Malik, Y. K. and Y. K. Malik (2009).Government and politics in South Asia. Boulder, Colo.

London, Westview Press

Supplementary reading and reference material

For contemporary political issue see especially:

International Crisis Group Reports (www.crisisgroup.org)

Economic and Political Weekly (www.epw.in)

Himal Southasian (www.himalmag.com)

For historical references you might go back to Guha, R. (2007). India after Gandhi: the history of the world's largest democracy. See also Ludden, D. (2002).India and South Asia: a short history. Oxford, Oneworld.


The course involves 6 lessons per week for 14 weeks. Readings amount to 120-150 pages per week.
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