HIAB0003EU CANCELED: South Asian Cultures (E18)

Volume 2018/2019

Curriculum for the BA programme in Modern India and South Asian Studies, the 2015 Curriculum

Curriculum for the Elective Studies in Modern India and South Asia Studies, the 2012 Curriculum


This course offers critical engagements with the diverse forms of South Asian cultural practices. It examines cultures as lived ‘everyday’ experiences intertwined with broader socio-economic and political changes, and negotiations of structures of caste, class, and gender. It does so by exploring a range of phenomena such as ethno-linguistic and religious identities, public/private distinctions, and engagements with forms of popular culture such as food, modes of dress, cinema, and sport. It draws on ethnographies of the region and its diasporas, as well as audio-visual materials such as films, documentary footage, music, and fiction. The course aims to illuminate critical debates about ‘modernity’ that characterise the contestations, negotiations, and transformations of cultures in South Asia and amongst its diasporas.

Learning Outcome

BA 2015-ordning:
Sydasiens kulturer (fagelementkode HIAB00871E)

BA Tilvalg 2012-ordning:
Kulturer i Indien og Sydasien (fagelementkode HIAB10071E)

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The lessons will be based on a mix of short lectures, student presentations, and class/group discussions.
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