HIØA00741U Fragile Democratization Processes and Civil Society in Asia

Volume 2014/2015
Udbydes efter Studieordning for Asienstudier på BA-niveau med specialisering i de centrale fag Indologi, Japanstudier, Kinastudier, Koreastudier, Sydøstasienstudier og Tibetologi, 2010-ordningen og Studieordning for kandidatuddannelsen i Asienstudier 2008-ordningen og

Studieordning for tilvalgsstudiet på BA-niveau i Sydøstasienstudier 2007-ordningen og

Studieordning for kandidatuddannelsen i Asienstudier 2008-ordningen

If you are interested in political transformations, social movements and civil society in Asia, this is your course for fall 2014. We get first-hand insights into current political transformations and struggles and how social movements, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), the media and indigenous people mobilize and organize to claim their rights. We will mix a variety of media genre, like books, newspaper articles and documentary films and footage to get a first-hand and close prospect of the political movements, agents and their strategies to achieve freedom and democratization in Asia. Students will also be able to participate in a conference panel of Asia Dynamic Initiative at our University of Copenhagen on “Human Rights and Civil Society Reconsidered” with famous speakers. The lecturer, Alexander Horstmann, teaches the Singapore IARU summer school “Southeast Asia in Context” this year which is open for new participants for summer 2015.

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BA 2010-ordning:
Sydøstasiatisk realia 1 (fagelementkode HIØB00671E eller HTHB00671E)
Sydøstasiatisk realia 2 (fagelementkode HIØB00741E eller HTHB00741E)
Sydøstasiatisk realia 3 (fagelementkode HTØB00761E eller HTHB00761E)

BA Tilvalg 2007-ordning:
Sydøstasiatisk Realia A (fagelementkode HSØB10051E)
Sydøstasiatisk Realia B (fagelementkode HSØB10061E)

KA 2008-ordning:
Tværfagligt tema (fagelementkode HFKK00356E eller HFKK00372E)
Tekstbaseret emne (fagelementkode HFKK00316E eller HFKK00341E)
Emnekursus A (fagelementkode HFKK00387E eller HFKK00386E)
Formidling (fagelementkode HFKK00326E eller HFKK00355E)
Emnekursus B (fagelementkode HFKK00371E eller HFKK00328E)

G. Rodan, K. Hewison, & R. Robison (eds.), The Political Economy of South-East Asia. Markets, Power and Contestation, Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2006.

Other readings announced later.

Lectures, Oral Presentations, Group Work, Discussion, Film
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