HHIK06993U CEMES. Organizational and institutional analysis

Volume 2016/2017

Modern European Studies (CEMES)
Module 3: European Media and Public
Modern European Studies 1 (HHIK03701E) [Curriculum for the Master’s elective studies in Modern European Studies, 2013- Curriculum]
Modern European Studies 2 (HHIK03711E) [Curriculum for the Master’s elective studies in Modern European Studies, 2013- Curriculum]

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CEMES. Organizational and institutional analysis
This course provides a comprehensive overview of media institutions and organisations, their emergence, structuration and contemporary transformation. Participants will be introduced into classical and modern sociological theory of institutions and organisations as well as theories of management. Applied to the media, the course will offer a comprehensive overview on the emergence of global media industries which comprise several organisational types and institutions that range from public to private, from hierarchical to networked. The focus will be on comparison in two dimensions: first differences and similarities of types of media institutions and organisations (film, news, broadcasting and intenet) and comparison across different social and cultural contexts (within Europe and beyond).

Lectures held in English (Miklos Sükösd)

C: Newspapers and journalism: organizational and institutional perspectives held in English (Hans-Jörg Trenz)

The seminar applies an institutional and organisational perspective to the study of journalism. It introduces into different methods and research designs and their relevance for the study of news production. Participants will develop case studies of single news organizations working practices, routines and performance. The focus of the seminar is comparison: Participants will develop an understanding of the diversity of organizational culture and practices of news production. They will further learn to compare media systems, convergence and divergence in Denmark, Europe and the world. The seminar further aims to develop an understanding of current challenges to the profession of journalism. The future of journalism will be discussed in relation to the potential of online news production and the particular organisational modes and revenue models linked to it.

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