HHIB10212U HIS 1021. Sustainable Denmark: How can We achieve Sustainable Development

Volume 2020/2021

Historisk tilvalgsområde 1 (HHIB10211E)
[Fagstudieordning. Bachelortilvalg i historie, 2019-ordningen]


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Historie, BA, lektionskatalog efterår 2020 [BA-studerende med grundfag i Historie]
Historie, BA-tilvalg, lektionskatalog efterår 2020 [øvrige BA-studerende]

HIS 1021. Sustainable Denmark: How can We achieve Sustainable Development
Affluence and/or Sustainability? Environmental Histories of Denmark since 1970

The global quest for sustainable development causes specific challenges for affluent societies like Denmark. How do we promote worldwide equality while solving local and global environmental problems like climate change? Can continued economic growth on which our affluence is grounded really last? Or do we have to choose between affluence and sustainability?

A cursory introduction to the recent environmental history of Denmark that focuses on such issues as pollution, energy, biodiversity, climate change, knowledge production, environmental imaginaries, governance, economy, and technology will form the common ground for transnational and transdisciplinary comparisons. In seminars and discussions, different analytical approaches will be put on the line and their reach and applicability tested. And by preparing and undertaking a future workshop, prerequisites for a truly sustainable development will be elaborated.

The course is arranged in collaboration with Sustainability Science Centre, UCPH 

As course literature, we will use the unpublished manuscript of the basic reader Bo Fritzbøger: Affluence and/or Sustainability? An introduction to Environmental Histories of Denmark since 1970, which will be uploaded on the course web page.

A number of other texts will also be uploaded in Absalon before the start of the semester. 

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