HFMK03317U FM, Module 2, Media, Genre and Aesthetics: De-Westernising Media Studies. CANCELLED

Volume 2017/2018

Master in Film and Media Studies, 2016-curriculum



The field of media studies has long been dominated by normative theories rooted in Western norms, values and traditions. As the field is developing and theories have become increasingly difficult to apply to non-Western (and especially non-democratic) societies, a deconstruction of Western hegemony seems inevitable and a need for de-westernising media studies has arisen.

This course aims at broadening the perspective of media studies by focusing on media practices and media use outside the Western hemisphere. We will among other things see how media connects to power in different forms of societies and answer questions such as who and what influence the media? We will discuss how globalisation is changing both society and the media and consider the consequences globally and locally. The course will centre around news media and journalism but we will also be looking into to other aspects of media and communication studies and, among other things, discuss global media conglomerates and media franchises, social media and mediatisation.

The course takes its point of departure in classic normative media theories to understand the context in which they were developed, and examine how they might be broadened to include non-Western societies. We will in particular talk about media systems to create an understanding of the relationship between media and politics and we will talk about how differences in ownership and regulation of media affect news selection and news presentation.

During the course, we will look at specific cases and discuss different themes such as the concept of press freedom, degrees of censorship and roles of media and journalists. Guest lecturers will also be invited to present their research or share their experiences working with media in non-Western countries.

Active participation is expected by all course participants as group work on selected cases is part of the course.

The course is relevant for students seeking a better understanding of media systems, media in non-western societies and the consequences of globalisation on media studies -- as well as students interested in international development and media development in particular.

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Master in Film and Media Studies 2016-curriculum:
Module 2: Media, Genre and Aesthetics: HFMK03311E


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