HFMK03073U FM, Module 4: Social media analysis: users, content and technology

Volume 2015/2016

Master in Film- and Media Studies


Researching social media has become a trend, as well as a necessity in recent years. From Lady Gaga to the European Parliament, there is hardly a person or institution that is not social media engaged. A diversity of interconnected users share vast amounts of content on different platforms, offering rich data for a variety of purposes. So what are social media and how can they be studied?

Aiming to look beyond the hype, this course critically explores social media as a resource, presenting various techniques for gathering and analysing social media data, depending on specific research purposes. Looking at the main ‘constituents’ – technology, users, and content – the first part of the course discusses the place of social media in the larger media landscape, offering some perspectives to the study of social media (i.e. as technologies, genres, networked publics). We then revisit traditional media methodologies (content analysis, discourse analysis), as well as discussing specific techniques for digital media analysis (such social network analysis). Iconic media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will serve as examples and provide case studies throughout the course.

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Have an understanding of different theoretical approaches to social media

  • Define and design a research project involving social media.

  • Use appropriate techniques and methodologies for gathering and interpreting social media data

  • Critically evaluate content on different social media platforms, for specific purposes

Learning Outcome

Master in Film and Media Studies 2013-curriculum:
Modul 4: Audience and user studies: HFMK03071E

Curriculum for Master's Programme in Media Studies, The 2008 Curriculum:
Modul 2: Audience and user studies: HMEK03121E

Course consists of lectures and class discussions of selected cases/problems, and student presentations.
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  • 42
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  • 367,5
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  • 409,5
Type of assessment
The Exam will be conducted in English
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