HFMK03051U FM, Module 3: Journalism, production and communication

Volume 2015/2016

Master in Film and Media Studies


Journalism, Production and Communication (constituent elective; constituent for the concentration in Journalism, Culture and Society)

There are three learning spaces:
1. Lectures as weekly lessons or shorter courses as workshops.

2. A project-oriented learning environment, where an essential part of learning takes place in the form of practice, team collaboration, testing and theoretical analysis on three case studies. During the course process the student receives supervision by the teacher.  

3. A partnership with an internet business company, where cooperation constitutes an editorial cooperation between the company and the students. The main purpose here is that the students in groups deliver text articles and/or picture/video productions relevant for the content on the platform.

The students work in groups of 3-5 persons

The students produce three communication products:

1. A web-article. All students are producing a 300 word long article, based on fundamental principles of web journalism, adapted to digital web-journalism. Focusing on size, editing and content regarding to SEO/meta script, digital standards for the use of images/video and fact/graphical boxes. The article is written in a CMS-model, Wordpress. Utility/plugin to SEO is Yoast based on Google search. CMS/Yoast is introduced as a management tool for web-journalism in the Google universe. The teacher will introduce the subject for the communication product. The purpose of the first production is basic research knowledge based on the literature, clarifying standards for journalistic documentation.

2. A Communication production with text/video. This study can be a processing/style exercise for the final examination in which students are testing different types of text/picture/video/audio recording and editing. The students may produce a dummy with professional recording equipment. The students get a short, but intensive introduction to AV-equipment on this course if the students prefer to use the broadcast recording and editing-equipment. The students are free to use the Department's IPad-kit for recording and the editing software-Adobe Premiere CS5 available in the multimedia lab 14-4-48, without any kind of AV-introduction. The topic is free, but can point towards solution of the final examination production. The teacher supervise the production.

3. Examination production. The group may produce one of the following two production types, or a combination: - An article series of three articles, based on standards for an already established digital information portal, according to the company the class cooperate with. The articles provide different content within a specific theme and each article is 300 words long. The articles are supplied with photos/graphics
-A short video/audio production at maximum 3-5 minutes, based on standards for an already established digital information portal. A relevant article of 300 words and a third intermediary product that complements the production.

In addition to the exam, the group deliver a written report on the 5-7 pages, focusing on theoretical reflections on production process and the literature


  • Category
  • Hours
  • Class Instruction
  • 32
  • Course Preparation
  • 377,5
  • Total
  • 409,5
Type of assessment
The exam wil be conducted in English

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Criteria for exam assesment