HFMK03026U CANCELLED FM/CEMES, Module 2: Culture, genres and aesthetics: International Comparative Media Studies

Volume 2015/2016

Master in Film and Media Studies


How and why are Danish media different from other nations’ media?  And how and why do Nordic media systems differ from other – Western, Southern and Eastern European - media systems? Do European media systems converge and become more similar, or we actually witness increasing divergence within the EU? How do journalism, media ownership, and media politics differ in Europe and various other regions in the world?  What are the trends of change in international media in the 21st century, especially in relation to the global emergence of the BRICS countries (Brazil, India, China, Russia, South Africa)?

This course is based on the principle that we can understand our own, familiar media system best if we compare it with others. Comparative perspectives may make visible those aspects that we would not see otherwise.  Aiming to look beyond the national, the course offers comparative frameworks for international media research to the present day. We compare the media systems of Denmark and the Nordic countries with other, different media systems in the EU, the United States, China and Russia.  

We also explore selected cross-border communication and international information flows. Drawing on empirical research projects, we compare how media in different countries cover controversial issues such as immigration, major international events, or religion.

Learning Outcome

Master in Film and Media Studies 2013-curriculum:

Module 2: Culture, genres and aesthetics: HFMK03021E
Module 7: Optional subject 1: HFMK03131E
Module 7: Optional subject 2: HFMK03141E
Module 7: Optional subject 3: HFMK03151E
Module 7: Optional subject 4: HFMK03161E


Modern European Studies (CEMES)

MA-level [Module 3: European Media and Public]:

Modern European Studies 1 (HHIK03701E) [Master's curriculum - 2013]

Modern European Studies 2 (HHIK03711E) [Master's curriculum - 2013]



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