HFMB15014U Analysis of Digital Media (Digital Theory and Analysis Elective)

Volume 2016/2017

Elective Studies in Digital Communcation and Aesthetics - The 2016 Curriculum


This module is an introduction to the history, aesthetics, function and importance to society of digital media. Along the way, we visit topics such as digital citizenship and social innovation; cyborg theory and the body in social media; digital film and computer games; remix and mashup; blogs and fan communities. The students are expected to contribute actively by participating in exercises, quizzes and online discussions. The module is completed with a written assignment, which can be written in a group.

Learning Outcome

Curriculum for the Elective Studies in Digital Communication and Aesthetics 2016, BA:

Module 1: HFMB15041E

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  • 84
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  • 409,5
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The Exam will be conducted in English
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