HFMB15012U Digital Theory and Analysis Elective

Volume 2015/2016

Elective Studies in Digital Communcation and Aesthetics - The 2007 Curriculum


The course is based on the digital media communication structures and forms of expression. The special features of digital media are analyzed in comparison with traditional print and/or audiovisual media. The analysis draws upon several disciplines, including dramaturgical analysis, image analysis, film analysis , music analysis , literary analysis and reception analysis , while focusing on both the multimedia and interactive aspects of digital media. Another focus is on remediation, i.e. the traditional media's role as models for digital media and the corresponding use of digital aesthetics in non- digital media e.g. computer game aesthetics in film. Reviewing these concepts particular attention is given to various genres of Internet-based communications such as websites, online communities and mobile communication.

Learning Outcome

Curriculum for the Elective Studies in Digital Communication and Aesthetics 2007, BA:

Module 1: HFMB15011E

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