HFMA03139U FM, Screenwriting

Årgang 2013/2014
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Master in Film and Media Studies

This graduate screenwriting course is for both experienced writers and novices. Through on-going writing exercises students are introduced to the fundamentals of screenwriting. All participating students in the course are encouraged to write scripts or treatments depending on their own interests, be it shorts, features, web-episodes or television series. The course is both academic and practical in it’s approach: Students are writing treatments and scripts but also reflecting theoretically about their work and comparing it to other screenplays, films or television series. The course is taught by writer-director Sven Vinge and is meant to be a creative venture where participating students and the lecturer help each other out in regards to their own personal ambitions. As all students are required to participate in the on-going exercises throughout the course so is lecturer Sven, who will be working on his own upcoming project and share his work with the participating students.


2013: Filmproduction and commucation, HFMK03061E

2008:  Audiovisual communication - Production, HFVA04121E

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