HFMA03138U FM, The Precarious aesthetics

Årgang 2013/2014
Engelsk titel

The Precarious aesthetics

Master in Film and Media Studies
This course will examine why in-transparent photographic imagery paradoxically can be rhetorically more seductive and produce stronger emotional affect in the viewer than ordinary transparent imagery.

This issue becomes important to interrogate in a visual culture defined by an aesthetic of noise. This is a culture where Instagram is bought by Facebook for 1 billion $, and where low-fidelity regrograde imagery of various kinds circulate across domains, from fiction films and documentaries to television news and art installations.

In order to address this issue as it operates in a number of cases, the course will draw on a combination of 1) media theory, 2) film theory and 3) photography theory, 4) digital theory concerning remediation and media change, and 5) theories of audience interpretation and emotional reactions.

The course is tightly connected to the research project “The Power of the Precarious Aesthetic”. Thus, it allows you to get in touch with ongoing research about an important issue in the present visual culture and be part of a common effort to explore the precarious aesthetic, an aesthetic style based on making the relationship between observer and observed uncertain and precarious, as the imagery does not anymore provide the easy accessible information of transparent pictures, but the curious fascination of the opaque image.

Active participation is expected and an interest in innovative research will be an advantage.
2013: Elective 1, HFMK03131E
2013: Elective 3, HFMK03151E

2008: Film/TV history and analysis, HFVA04151E
2008: Elective 1, HFVA04171E
2008: Elective 1, HFVA04181E

2008: Media, Aesthetics and genres, HMEK03131E
2008: Computer media, genres and digital aesthetics, HMEK03261E
2008: Elective 1, HMEK03191E
2008: Elective 1, HMEK03201E
2008: Elective 2, HMEK03211E

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